Raised on a small farm

Here to help you navigate  through the local meat market

How it works

Buying local meat is a simple process that most people are intimidated to do. 402 Meat Co is here to bridge the gap between consumer, producer, and butcher. I Jayme Jo, am the butcher. I know the farmers and I know how to help consumers. 402 Meat Company is paired with Finn’s Custom Meats to help consumers find the product they are looking for and then cut and wrap it to match their needs. Through Finn’s I have developed a very user-friendly process that is organized, simple, and have a friendly trained staff to help the newest of customers. Our goal at 402 Meat Co is have each consumer feel secure, confident, and well informed about every step of the process and in the product they are buying.

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402 Meat Company history

Fire in the belly and hands on hips ready to take on the world.

It is the farm where I fell in love with cows, taking care of them, and the soil they lived on.

Elevating the beef market platform for the best local farmers.

Setting the quality meat production standards to the highest level.

Humane animal and land care generates a better final product.