Buying Beef

Buy a whole or half a beef and we will cut it to your exact specifications. Buy a quarter and you will receive a variety of basic cuts. See what a whole, half, or quarter beef can produce below. In this sample list, all steaks are cut at 1 inch thick , wrapped 2 steaks per pack, roasts cut at 3-4 lbs and ground beef in 1 lb packs.
Price of a whole beef
$5.25/lbs on the rail. This price includes the beef, the dispatch, plus the cut and wrap.
Is the cost of a local beef more expensive than buying it at a supermarket?
The cost breakdown: Based off a standard cut, a beef should yield 65% of it's hanging weight. 65% of 750 lbs is 487.5 lbs of take-home meat. 750 lbs of meat will cost you $3,937.50. With that yield, at that cost, your average price of take-home meat is $8.08 per pound.
How can I find a reputable local farmer or butcher to buy beef from?
This question is the soul reason why 402 Meat Company exists! Jayme Jo is not only the owner, she is also one of the butchers behind the block. Beef is sourced from farmers who we have experience with. Carcasses that are marketed are hand-selected from farmers who consistently produce high quality carcasses. Jayme Jo also has a bachelors in Agricultural Science from Oregon State University and a Masters of Agriculture from Colorado State University. During her extensive collegiate career, she emphasized her studies in Animal Welfare in Production Systems and environmental sciences through the lens of sustainability and business, The farmers who produce meat for 402 Meat Company are not only selected based off carcass quality, but also their skills as a farmer. We look for calm and quiet cattle that move with ease and no fear. We look in their pens to establish there is a dry and comfortable place to rest with easy access to clean water and quality feed. 402 Meat Co. likes to support farmers who manage their fields with great biodiversity and a decent mitigation plan in place.
What are the advantages of buying beef from a local farmer or butcher?
Buying beef locally offers several advantages, including: a. Secure: There is no middle man between you and your beef! b. Transparency: You have the opportunity to directly interact with the farmer or butcher, allowing you to inquire about their farming practices, animal welfare, and any additional information you seek. c. Supporting local economy: By purchasing beef from local sources, you contribute to the local economy and help sustain small-scale farming operations. d. Environmental considerations: Locally sourced beef tends to have a smaller carbon footprint due to reduced transportation distances, supporting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
How can I ensure the beef I buy locally is safe and of good quality?
To ensure the safety and quality of locally sourced beef, consider the following steps: a. Inquire about farming practices: Ask questions about the farmer's approach to animal welfare, feed, and any use of antibiotics or hormones. A reputable farmer should be open to discussing their practices. b. Visit the farm or butcher: Whenever possible, visit the farm or butcher to observe the conditions and assess the overall cleanliness and organization of the facility. c. Verify certifications: Look for certifications that indicate adherence to quality and safety standards, such as organic certifications or third-party verification of animal welfare practices. d. Check for reviews or testimonials: Seek out reviews or testimonials from other customers who have purchased beef from the same source. This can provide valuable insights into the overall satisfaction and quality of the products. And all products sold through 402 Meat Co is 100% guaranteed.
Can I request specific cuts or custom processing?
Of course you can! We can help you through that entire process.
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