Buying Pork

Buy a whole or half a pork and we will cut it to your exact specifications. See what a whole or half pork can produce below. Based off of a standard cut of a hog: chops and steaks cut at 3/4 inch thick, 2 per package, roasts 3-4 lbs, legs cut in half for cured ham roasts, bacon sliced at regular thickness, and one pound sausage packs.
Price of a whole hog
$5/lb on the rail. This price includes the pork, the dispatch, plus the cut and wrap. Does not include any curing and smoking
Feed Yourself To Be Better!

Ready to savor the unmatched flavor of premium pork? Take the next step and call us today to place your order! To secure your order, simply send in a cash or check deposit to 111 Leonard Rd, Onalaska, WA 98570. At 402 Meat Co we're committed to delivering exceptional quality. Feed yourself to be better.