How it works

Buying local beef is a simple process that most people are intimidated to do.

402 Meat Co. is here to bridge the gap.

Some consumers know exactly what they want but don't know where to find it. Other consumers like the idea of buying local but don't know if they want grass fed or grain fed. Or what is the difference between the two? I have been a butcher for over 7 years now, have a bachelor and a master degree in agriculture. With my experience and knowledge, I am here to help you buy local meat from farmers that invest in their land and have their animals trained to come when they are called. I am not talking about obedience, I am talking about trust and good routine that animals know when they hear the farmers' voice they are getting moved to a new pasture.

Getting paired with a farmer.

Once a consumer inquires about buying a beef or hog, as the butcher I start pairing them with a farmer. Customers have all sorts of different wants and needs. Farmers have all different styles of feed programs and variety breeds of cattle that finish differently. As the butcher, it is my job to help the consumer understand what they are shopping for and help them find the right animal that matches their expectations. Once the consumer commits to buying an animal, 402 Meat Co does the rest of the work. We schedule the harvest, receive the carcass, and help the consumer through the cutting and wrapping instructions. 

'Farm to Family is a simple and direct process

After the shopping is done 402 Meat Co and Finn’s Custom Meats work together. We aim to keep the entire process very simple and direct. There are only four parties involved in each transaction. First the farmer. The farmer breeds, raises, and finishes each animal. Second, we contract A and L Slaughtering, a professional slaughter service, to travel to the farm to dispatch the animal quickly and humanely. Third, Finn's Custom Meats receives the carcass to chill, dry age the carcass for 10-14 days, and custom cuts and wraps the carcass to the consumer's expectations. Four, the consumer to enjoy the final product with family and friends.